The Kandara style is a very old and traditional dress that is worn in the entire county. Kandora and Kandura in Abu Dhabi have been designed by handwork which represents the youth culture of the emirate. It has full sleeves and a round neck and ankle length. Long sleeves extend only to thumb. The button is traditionally made of a thread and for one chest, Stone loop and a ball are made. Kandora does not have chest pockets, it has 2 side pockets. Kandora mixed in Abu Dhabi and Kandura is usually made with monochrome and polyester/cotton.

Al Shatoosh offers for men’swear, formal bags are made from mixed polyester/cotton. It is difficult to wear cloth and is very comfortable to stay in it.

Kandora in Saudi Arabia, however, is generally more agile than its Gulf neighbours. There are two button band collars and shirt sleeves to support cufflinks in the diversity of modern times. The Kuwaiti version is not even different from it, except that it has a button collared band collar with a slim fit. In Qatar, Kandora is Shanier and there is also a long band collar or shirt pocket.

The male national costume is mainly involved in Kandra, which is also known as Pakwadada. It’s a long white tone. The colour of the garment is produced from the Bedouin culture because it is perfect for reflecting the sun’s rays. In the winter months, brown and grey are also worn too. Owning more than 50 Kandors and changing them throughout the day so that their look can be kept free of crease and freeze.

Men wear guthra, a headscGuthrieo. Guthara is also an object in Bedinoan culture because it protects men against the sand of the desert. Guthra can be worn in various ways to indicate position and importance.