Arabic Jalaibiya is a long gown of men, which can be worn by men or women. Al Shatoosh Textile and Gates Tailoring create Jalabiya in men wearing Abu Dhabi and Jelabiya cloth. Tailored in our tailor’s shop in Abu Dhabi, trained under the world’s finest tailor Abu Dhabi. And they only use the best clothes, materials and sewing techniques. To make sure that the Zalabia men and Zalabia clothes (for men) in the Middle East are of the highest quality. In fact, our customers are very satisfied with our products and keep coming back to us for more! We feel that clothes make a fashion statement, and define the person’s personality – this is especially true for men – and we embellish our jalabiya cloth for men, and with many colours. This is a long, ankle-length, flowing robe-type garment which is usually white or light coloured cotton in warm weather and darker coloured wool in cool weather.

In Arab’s first known photographs, men were shown wearing a piece of colourful cloth, in which a band was over their heads. Then there were no stylish white or red headgear. “It is now a fashion statement.”