A man has a small white hat in the headdress, which keeps the drum tight. In UAE, Gauta is available in all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a ghutra for everyday use, you should choose one of the options in cotton. However, soft and flexible headgear are mostly made of wool.
These designs are from the Islamic and Southeast Asian parts of the world. Reflecting the growing Westernization of Abu Dhabi, our Zalabiya men come in different colours and styles, but the designs are simple, they respect the strictness and trust in the Quran, which is in the centre of Abu Dhabi!

Ghutra and shemagh are a traditional Arab headquarters, usually made of cotton cloth, which is usually worn by Arab or Kurdish people. The traditional Saudi headquarters is popularly known as a ghost. Western and Asian visitors of the Kingdom can see Saudi men and children rotating and wearing eagles. Many people believe that this scorching desert is worn to keep heat away from the sun, while others argue that it is a centuries-old tradition that is very popular among Saudi and Arabs. An important component of wearing Gauta is to secure it on the head. It is often seen that even when a Saudi man walks fast, his gutter never falls. This eagle is a black rope-like rope, which holds a cord on the place.

Many Saudi men, even children, wear a white sip with ‘Taiya’, which is worn on the head under the spatula, and the Black igal. Clustered is a class fabric that is normally bound in a triangle. In the olden days, before the advent of Islam, covering the head in old Arabia was part of a man’s routine.