Al Shatoosh is a tailor who is betting in Abu Dhabi. In the case of our textile designs correspond to the structures and beliefs of the Quran, but reflecting the changing culture and traditions in Abu Dhabi are contemporary in terms of look and style. We make all kinds of Arabian clothes, which include Thoe Dishes, Bukuban Dasha, Gutra, Emarii Dishes, UAE Cuisine Sewing and Arab Dishdash.

Our garments are simple in design, but the world speaks in terms of look and style and are continuously changing in relation to both. we routinely wander away from the design of red and white checkers and become more adventurous by experimenting with beige, creamy colours, grey, black, yellow, orange, and pink.

Dishdasha is usually worn by men from other Arab countries in Arabian peninsula, Iraq the and Persian Gulf. It is normally made of cotton, but heavy material such as sheep wool can also be used, especially in cold weather in Iraq and Syria. Dishdasha style is a bit different in different regions within the Persian Gulf.