We are a professional sophisticated sewing factory, which provides factory prices directly to our customers. Al Shatoosh has been in the sewing business for four decades and is capable of offering the best prices available on the internet. Al Shatoosh has the best clothes partner, which is a very efficient IT support team, and most importantly, we operate our production facility.

We have detailed information about all types of body. Our goal is to be the best fit personally, to provide the most satisfying online tailor-made shirt shopping experience. We keep your patterns in your system so that you can arrange a perfect fit at any time in the future. We can also drag the previous pattern used in any of the shirts you previously have given.

Then you are able to guide us about any of your adjustments, which you want to apply to accommodate your most elaborate desires. There is no one else with our workmanship, so you will see that some things like thread or chalk point on your product will not be left on your product.

Here, you can find an unlimited collection of styles, from which you can choose one, which you like best. We bring amazing fashion statements and now you can live your life by experiencing the satisfaction of touching your mind and soul.